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Children's Classes

Children's Classes

Our children's programs have been designed in consultation with leading pediatricians, doctors, and child psychologists to help improve your child's physical and mental well being.

Adult Programs

Adult Programs

Our adults programs are a synthesis of several martial arts, taking the best training methods from  Kickboxing, Tae Kwon Do, Boxing, Karate, Kung fu, and Ju Jitsu—this means you get excellent fitness and self defence skills but all in a safe non-threatening environment

Simply Fit

Simply Fit

A program you look forward to doing, surrounded by positive and uplifting people like you! Safe and clean environment with classes run by professionals and motivated instructors.

Birthday Parties

Birthday Parties

Are you stuck for ideas on where to hold a birthday part for your child? Everyone doing the same old thing? Then how about something that’s new that your kids are going to love? 


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Increase the fitness of your body and mind.

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Gain Confidence to Achieve Your Goals

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"My daughter and I have been attending Academy Martial Arts for nearly a year. I only started initially for my daughter Lauren, but now I have got hooked too! Since starting, Lauren and I have found our fitness and energy levels have improved and it is lovely sharing a new hobby with one another."

~Helen Tibbetts

"Charlie started kickboxing because she had been bullied so badly at school. She became a very withdrawn, timid girl with no confidence or self-esteem. When she first started her fitness levels were poor, but 12 months later with the support and encouragement of the instructors everything has changed with Charlie—her weight, body shape but most importantly her attitude to life. She is now a fun loving, confident and outgoing girl who lives life to the full."

~Amanda Collins

"For many years I had tried various different things to try to lose weight and get fit. I went to gyms, soon got bored and stopped going. I gave AMA a go and haven’t looked back since. I've been training at AMA for almost 4 years now and have loved every minute of it. I’m probably the fittest I have been since I was a teenager and soon I should hopefully get my blackbelt. If you want to lose weight, get fit, or just want to try something different, I couldn’t recommend AMA more."

~Edward Franklin

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