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Ladies kickboxing fitness

Ladies Kick4Fit

No gimmicks or fad diets!

MACE KickFit Program

Right here in Stourbridge, learn the latest techniques and equipment. Every class is different and fun!

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The SIMPLY FIT Solution

A program you look forward to doing, surrounded by positive and uplifting people like you!

Safe and Clean Environment

Classes are run by professionals and motivated instructors.

Cutting-Edge Techniques

Specially designed by instructors trained in martial arts and overall fitness.

Tone Up

Shred pounds of unwanted fat from your body.

Providing You With Nutritional Advice

What have you got to lose? Apart from fat, inches, and low self esteem?

Get Healthier, Leaner, and More Energetic

We will help you to make healthy eating choices without having to restrict yourself from the foods you like, or from starving yourself.

Also to make sure that you hold yourself accountable, we can offer you a measuring service to keep track of how much weight and inches you will lose.

Nothing is more motivating than results and with Academy Martial Arts Simply Fit Program, you’ll see results guaranteed!


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